BE FULLER like R. Buckminster Fuller, american inventor and architect, to whom this bag is dedicated. This bag comes from the contamination between the world of architecture and its aesthetic and building principles.

BE FULLER like an handbag which is ‘repeatedly full’ because you can play with it by combining colours, material and textures, by filling it with different interchangeable inner-bags in order to have many bags and many looks at once.


The idea of an handbag between architecture and fashion comes from my background as an architect and from the fact that handbags can be turned into ‘mobile homes’ for the whole of your day.

For the BE FULLER project, I have looked at the geodesic domes designed by R. Buckminster Fuller in the 50s by creating a structural and flexible system made of a mesh of simple elements connected by specific joints, all of which is easily adaptable to the project requirements (sizes and materials used).

These flexible and adaptable features and the aesthetic role attributed by R. Buckminster Fuller to the structural components have become the leitmotif of my project. This handbag is designed with a hexagonal mesh of small leather strips, which can be assembled using different colours, material and textures: a flexible weaving which makes this bag recognisable and allows you to see the interchangeble inner bag characterizing its final look.

From the technical side, the use of small modular leather stips draws on the architectural concept of modular prefabrication. This allows for the saving and the maximisation of the material used, simultaneously giving this handbag its lightness and resistence: the hexagonal mesh makes it sturdy, able to handle weight.